Saturday, February 23, 2008

Me Received a MeMe!

Firstly, apologies for the frightful grammar in the title... I was just so excited about being tagged, by Bellini Valli of More Than Burnt Toast, with such a fun MeMe that I got a bit carried away. You've likely seen these great ways of getting to know your fellow bloggers that are circulating around the blogging community - "MeMe" questionnaires!

With thanks to Valli, here is mine...

What were you doing 10 years ago?1998?
Let’s see, I was supposed to have been in high school. Instead, I was riding horses full-time and taking my homework with me (which has to be one of the most random professions to have been pursuing, but it seemed like a good idea at the time… and, when the time came, college admissions offices were surprisingly cool with the whole thing…)

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Studying in an English Literature graduate program, working as a university instructor teaching American Literature and Shakespeare, learning how to make random repairs to my 70 year old wooden, pier-and-beam house, pruning a giant 100 year old oak tree in the hopes that it wouldn’t fall on said house, learning how to make "real" Cajun rice and gravy, reading great philosophy, and, best of all, falling in love.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1.) Cereal (any kind – I even love All-Bran!) with sliced bananas and soymilk… Yum… Basic as it may be, it’s one of my favorite foods in the world… I even love cereal for dessert!
2.) Super crunchy whole wheat pretzels!
3.) A cup of coffee, with a splash of cream and a wee splash of vanilla… Does coffee count as a snack? Hmmm, I’m not sure… I’m hoping it does… because a cup of coffee in the afternoon, when I don’t usually drink coffee, feels like the most decadent thing ever…
4.) Crunchy peanut butter on a homemade biscuit (I’m southern, so I’m allowed to be a biscuit snob… :-)
5.) Raisins mixed with raw almonds – I still have yet to get over the simple miracle of the soft mixed with the crunchy, the sweet with the slightly sweet and nutty… Ooohhh…

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1.) Pay off all our student loans so Zach and I would no longer have a single drop of student loan debt (oh yea, and pay off the mortgage, too!) – and then be very thankful not to have to accrue any more student debt…
2.) Be so excited to be able to give lots and lots to every charity for which I’ve ever wished I could do more.
3.) Open a coffee shop and bakery, with my Dad as the manager, because we actually have dreamed and talked about this for forever…
4.) Travel! Zach and I could go everywhere!
5.) Give Zach the giant flat-screened TV for which he’s been wishing! It would be SO much fun to have it all set up in the house when he came home…

Five bad habits:
1.) Oh dear… INDECISIVENESS. If Zach didn’t give me “the look,” I would spend half an hour in the store just trying to decide between two kinds of balsamic vinegar.
2.) Getting caught up in a book or a project of some sort, not going to sleep until very late at night, and then being dependent upon caffeine the next day when I have to get up before dawn to go to work. Of course, I only do that, oh, I don’t know, every single night…
3.) Stressing over school entirely more than necessary.
4.) Asking redundant questions when I’m really just thinking out loud (which probably has something to do with answer number one…)
5.) Doing too many things at once – I’m the kind of girl who drives a car, talks on the cell phone, changes the CD in the CD player, and flips through Bon Appetit all simultaneously… In my defense, though, I work deep in a Big City where the evening’s traffic is so thick that you could put your car in park and take a nap for an extended period of time…

Five things you like doing:
1.) Cooking, baking, reading recipes (and especially food blogs!), and creating new recipes – of course! :-)
2.) Watching a movie, curled up on the couch with Zach.
3.) Reading great literature (fully recognizing that “great” is a subjective statement)
4.) Hanging out with friends, having fascinating conversations that range from the comical to the deep and intense
5.) A myriad of excuses to be outdoors – hiking, kayaking, yard work, gardening, clay target shooting
6.) Oooo, may I please have a 6th entry? How could I forget writing – poetry, songs, essays, and of course, blog posts and recipes – I maintain that a well written recipe is a work of art too!

Five things you would never wear again:
1.) Those “babydoll” tops that are very high waisted and then balloon out below the waistline – I think they just look silly.
2.) A dress over jeans – try as I may, I’ve never understood the concept, even though it looks great on my friend Beth.
3.) Torturously uncomfortable shoes. What is the point of being in pain all day? No thank you.
4.) Bulky, itchy sweaters… *shudder*
5.) Turtlenecks of any kind! They’re the only thing that makes me feel claustrophobic…

Five favorite toys:
1.) Laptop
2.) Digital camera, which goes everywhere with me
3.) My zippy, perky, cheerful gas-mileage-friendly car
4.) KitchenAid stand mixer – a dream come true!!
5.) 8” JA Henckels chef’s knife (thank you, fellow food bloggers, for giving me a venue in which I can list this as a toy without people getting concerned!)

Time to share the MeMe love... I think I shall take this opportunity to thank 5 bloggers who were some of my very first visiters when I became a brand new blogger a few months ago, and continue to inspire me today!

Greg of Greg's Food, who prepares stunning, healthful, diverse dishes that taste as delicious as they look (as I can attest, having tried several of his recipes) - and jogs in below-zero weather!

The ever-delightful ChocolateCoveredVegan, whose posts are as witty as they are scrumptious...

VeggieGirl, who writes posts filled with mouth-watering vegan baking and warm, inspiring stories of sharing the love of family and friends through food...

CookieMouse, who writes a blog filled with poignant information about organic foods, healthy living, topical issues - and chocolate!

Anya of Godful Food, whose writing is filled with delicious jubilation, and never fails to make me smile.


Bellini Valli said...

It's not surprising that most of the foodies out there answered our favourite toy question almost the same, camera and mixer seem to be in everyone's answer..go figure :D I am so glad you took the time out to complete the menu. It is fun getting to know each other a little better :D

Ricki said...

Thanks for this! I loved the "one year ago" most (especially the "falling in love" part, of course, but the pier (post?) and beam really hit home, too, as that's my dream home). :) I have to admit that the Henkels are one of my favorite "toys," too. But, unlike you, I basically find myself in a turtleneck every day between late October and late March. . .it's too cold for anything less in winter!!

Astra Libris said...

Valli, I was thinking the same thing as I wrote down my "toy" answers! :-) Thank you again for sending the MeMe - I had fun reading yours too!

Ricki, I loved the pier/post and beam house too... :-) Having an old wooden house in a subtropical climate made for some interesting repair issues (I learned more about humidity and, well, bugs, than I would have ever imagined :-), but it was worth it - it was definitely my dream home... :-) You're very smart for wearing those turtlenecks - they are a great way to stay warm! :-)

anya said...

So great to know more about like-minded fellow-bloggers!! So, thanks for such a dear post!

Oh, and you've TAGGED me! :) Well, what can I say? ;) I've got a surprise for you too! Upon this later today! *wink, wink, wink*

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Great Meme! Thanks for sharing!!!

VeggieGirl said...

so fun!! and thank you for tagging me!! I like your snack choices, and can DEFINITELY relate about being indecisive - especially when it comes to what to bake next! :0)

Cookiemouse said...

Thanks for the tag; I'm usually quite bad at memes as I'm so lazy. Still it might keep me out of trouble for a spare hour.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ooh yay, what a fun meme! Haha I completely agree about the itchy sweaters and uncomfy shoes! And yay for grown-up toys such as laptops and cameras ;o)

Thanks for tagging me; I'll get right to it!

Astra Libris said...

Anya, you're so sweet... I'm so glad you discovered your tag! :-) I'm in delighted suspense about the surprise... :-)

Jenn, thank you! I enjoyed reading your MeMe answers!

VeggieGirl, you're welcome for the tag... Thank YOU for being so awesome! I'm glad I'm not the only indecisive one... :-)

CookieMouse, you're the last person I ever would have thought to call lazy! You're so industrious and prompt about keeping us informed with such packed, enlightening posts...

ChocolateCoveredVegan, you're absolutely right - being grown up is way better... The toys are so much more fun! :-) btw, your post on transitioning to veganism is terrific - so helpful, informative, and encouraging.

Greg said...

Thanks for the tag. I've finally finished my assignment! :)

Astra Libris said...

Greg, I like the title of your post! :-) Thanks for completing the MeMe!