Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Introductions at Last!

For a dose of randomness, here come 5 facts about me:

1.) I grew up on a sheep farm, and I know how to shear a sheep! (and drive a tractor...)

2.) Besides the USA (which is where I, well, live) the country where I've spent the most time is Israel. I still dream about the fresh figs and dates...

3.) While I love to read nearly everything, I am obsessed with: a. anything William Faulkner ever wrote. b. 18th Century British literature.

4.) While I was in college getting my undergraduate degree, I took Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Calculus... AS ELECTIVES. They still remain some of my favorite classes of all time. Even I cannot explain this. :-)

5.) One of my favorite food memories is of the time my friend Lisa and I stayed up all night frying fig and goat cheese wontons for a catering gig the next day... We saw the sun come up, there were piles and packages of wontons everywhere, I'd never seen so much goat cheese before in my life - and we were still wide awake and laughing!

Amidst the spirit of getting to know each other better, it's high time I properly introduced the cast and crew with which I share the kitchen!

I share adventures and a warm, wonderful house here in the Deep South with my incredible fiance, Zach, who is in medical school and is an amazing chef,

and our three cats,

Fritz (who is embarrassed that I dress him in such undignified clothing),

Ruby (who is always ready to keep us safe from anything flying by the window),

and Roux (who has a passion for 20th Century American Literature).

The cat trio is certain that, at the very least, the bed, the couch, and the dining room chairs belong to them, and that we are allowed to use these items purely because of their generosity. They are quite adept in the kitchen in their own right, although their primary task is attempting to trip me in the hopes of catching a flying bit of salmon or Parmesan...

We also have a catfish named Bernard, who is surely more amusing, erratic, and insane than a fish is ever supposed to be...

Oh yes, and this is me -

So now that you’ve been introduced to us all... welcome to our kitchen family!


Peter M said...

I was like when one can put a face to the blogger. A pet lover is a friend of mine (3 birds here).

So you grew up in Israel...bring on the Mediterranean dishes!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Your family is beautiful, especially you :o).

And oh my gosh, ELECTIVES?!?! Wow, you must be a genius!!!!

Now I am dreaming of figs as well...

Ann said...

As electives?! Whoa.

Thanks for the tag... I'll keep it in my back pocket for a rainy day. :-)

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Astra, what fun! I love these facts about you, and I love that you shared a photo. And, um, your boyfriend is really luscious. Ha ha.

VeggieGirl said...

such lovely photographs of you and your loved ones!! so nice to be able to put a name with a face :0)

Allison said...

haha I am a film student, and I totally take classes like that as electives, too! Biology rocks so hard! And it's cool being the only non pre-med person in a class. They all try to kill each other, and I'll just sit there happily naming the cells under the microscope.

What an awesome looking family! And amazing photos of the cats!

Well, I just did the MeMe... go me!

Lisa said...

Your cats are too cute, as is your whole family! Thank you for mentioning my site here. If I have time, I might play along.

Ricki said...

Hi Astra Libris,

Great list! I love Faulkner, too--took an entire course on him during my Master's. And it is great to see the photos of you and yours (and be able to put a face to a "name").

Thanks, too, for tagging me for this meme! I actually left a comment yesterday, but somehow it didn't go through to this list. You may have missed it, but I did the meme a few days ago (I won't leave the URL, as maybe that got my comment kicked into spam yesterday). But I wrote it on Feb. 20th. I enjoyed doing it, but I think it might be difficult for me to come up with 5 more items so soon! I'm going to hold on for a bit if you don't mind, and post something when I have some new items to add.

marye said...

cool meme..I have been enjoying your blog...and...stuck you with an award... :)

Allen said...

OH MY -- one of your MeMes we have in common :-) I won't tell you which one just yet ... I need to think about what I should reveal. Thanks for the tag!

Astra Libris said...

Peter, thanks for the Mediterranean reminder! :-) You're absolutely right - it's high time I blogged about some of my favorite Mediterranean/Israeli/Middle Eastern Dishes... My Mediterranean cooking is far more humble than yours, though, I can assure you... :-)

Awww, ChocolateCoveredVegan, you are too sweet! :-) I can promise you I'm definitely not a genius... I just have random taste in college courses. :-)

Ann, you're very welcome... (btw, I believe "whoa" is exactly what I said several times during that calculus course... :-)

Sally, I'm still giggling... :-) Thank you... :-)

VeggieGirl, thank you! I quite agree... 'twas high time I added one! :-)

Allison, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a humanities major and a fondness for supposedly "scary" science classes! Bio courses are awesome! Go you! Thanks for completing the MeMe, too!

Awwww, Lisa, thank you! :-)

Ricki, no worries - I definitely should have added a "please feel free to disregard this tag if you've already been tagged" caveat... Since you've already been tagged, your tag automatically turns into a general "hooray for your awesome blog!"

MaryE, you are too kind! I am flattered and honored! Thank you!

Allen, I'm hugely in suspense now! I'm dying to know which one we have in common! I shall be guessing all day now... :-) and eagerly looking forward to your revealing the answer to the mystery!

Cookiemouse said...

What a great MeMe! You have some lovely cats. I agree with Peter. Middle Eastern food is marvelous so you are welcome to share your Israeli recipes any time.

Lisa said...

Meme done :) See my blog.

Astra Libris said...

Awww, CookieMouse, thank you so much! :-) Thanks for the vote for some Israeli recipes, too - y'all have inspired me to post about some Mediterranean/Middle Eastern dishes sooooon!

Lisa, too awesome! Thank you for completing the MeMe! :-)

A Feast for the Eyes said...

The joy of starting my own food blog, three months ago, is meeting so many wonderful and interesting people. My husband, who loves and appreciates my cooking, is uncomfortable in the kitchen. He doesn't understand the "language" and "passion" that foodies share. I think you blog is delightful, and I plan to pop in to your kitchen to visit on a regular basis. What a beautiful couple! My two cats are watching me, perched behind me, as I am typing this.
Thanks for stopping by to visit my little world in California.


Menden @ Skinny Menny said...

Thanks so much for visiting my little blog! I loved reading your 5 things...and your cats are just gorgeous :)

ANWneighbor said...

Hi "Astra Libris" ;) Just checked out your bubble tea recipe - and can't wait to try it! I love Thai Tea and am going to see what I end up with! Hope you are doing well! :)

nipitinthebud said...

Hi Astra, just getting a closer look at your Noodle salad entry to this month's NCR challenge. I was intrigued by your profile description about the beliefs we hold about food and it's labelling of naughty or nourishing. We're kindred spirits in the food department and cat mum's x3. Our lovelies sleep on the bed too, or rather two sleep on the bed and my little girl poppet sleeps in the bed with me. purrrrr.
cheerio and happy cooking, Nic

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Taking chemistry for fun? Someone MUST be crazy, haha.
Great bio. I can particularly relate about savoring all walks of foodie life and not just one. On Saturday I ate a raw vegan lunch and then had grass-fed steak for dinner(ironic AND expensive). I can't wait to see more

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Love your kitties! (Another animal we have in common - none of my own, but I always grew up with cats.) I always love having a new blog to read!