Monday, January 25, 2010

Sesame Broccoli and Edamame Salad

I often rhapsodize about the wonders of the food blogging community, and with good reason, for in a world often struggling with negativism and tendencies towards critique, it is astounding to find a group of people so dedicated to uplifting and nourishing each other, both figuratively and literally. Thus, I find myself so grateful to all of you for your kind, loving words, comments, and emails about my few mentions of my injured hip, that, at the risk of lapsing into the genre of the confessional, I figured I would take a few moments to update everyone with the latest chapter of my Adventures in Limping. Thus far, the wonderfully kind orthopedist at the hospital where I work has ruled out a variety of diagnoses both likely (bursitis - nope, the anti-inflammatory didn't work) and unlikely (osteoporosis - nope, bone density is good, as I would hope it would be given how much care I devote to my dietary calcium intake and weight-bearing exercise!) and thus, as the pain worsens, we've moved on to more alarming possibilities. I have an MRI scheduled this week, which should hopefully illuminate the mystery, and in the meantime I find myself home on bedrest for the week. Personally I prefer to say I'm "at home propping up my foot," as the term "bedrest" frightens me. My patients are the ones who are supposed to be on bedrest, not me!

Despite the slightly less than dreamy situation, however, this experience is a powerful reminder that I should never take my health and strength for granted, and I dutifully resolve, once I am hopefully, eventually back to normal again, to never let a moment escape without being thankful.

Yet thankful I still am right now, too, for at least I have a laptop, blog posts to type, letters to write, and engaging books to read! And a grand thing it is indeed to be able to type, for I am long overdue in sharing with you this lovely broccoli and edamame salad...

Sesame Broccoli and Edamame Salad

6 cups broccoli florets
4 oz cooked and shelled edamame (such as the frozen kind from Trader Joe's)
4 tsp soy sauce
1 T toasted sesame oil
1 T rice vinegar
1 T sesame seeds

~ Steam the broccoli according to your preferred method (I use a microwave steamer for ours)
~ In a saucepan coated with olive oil cooking spray, gently stir the shelled edamame over medium heat until heated through.
~ Gently fold the broccoli and edamame together in a large bowl.
~ In a small bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, and rice vinegar.
~ Pour the soy sauce mixture over the broccoli and edamame, sprinkle on the sesame seeds, and toss gently to coat.
~ Serve warm or chilled!

On the blog this time last year... Red Wine Spaghetti!

(Ruby demonstrating the importance of propping up one's feet...)


The Diva on a Diet said...

Oh, Astra, I had no idea that you're in pain and suffering with your hip. I am so sorry! You'll be in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. I only wish I lived nearby, so I could bring you some soup. Sending you gentle hugs and healthy wishes - I'm worried about you.

Not a bit surprised that you're continuing to eat well, even if you're laid up ... the salad looks so good and healthy. Yum!

Gita said...

I am so sorry to hear this Astra...I hope you get better soon, I too had a similar pain last year and it went off by itself don't worry will be feeling better :) Take good rest and eat well :)

MelindaRD said...

Goodness gracious. I hope your leg gets better soon. Any more doc appts for it? Oh, and the broccoli and edamame looks great. Love the nice bright green of it!

Gina said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your leg! I hope you don't end up on Mystery Diagnosis....I mean, it sounds like one of those things where they aren't sure the cause. Keep trying though, and don't give up, someone will figure it out.

This recipe looks great. I think Nick would eat it too. Edemame gives me serious gas, but I could take my Beano! It's so good for you.

HAve a good weak, and keep on smilin' :)

Beth said...

Astra--I'll keep you in my thoughts as you try to sort this all out. Take it easy!

Mo Diva said...

Im so sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

that is my kinda recipe!!! mmm! i love soy beans!

its all about the comfort food.

Parita said...

I hope you get well soon dear! Salad looks wonderful!

Simply Life said...

Oh that salad looks so healthy and delicious!

Ada said...

Wow I'm so glad I found your blog as well! You are an amazing writer and all of your recipes look fantastic. This is totally random, but I really love your name as well. My writing professor recently wrote a book called "All Souls" and the main character was named Astra.

Fresh Local and Best said...

I had no idea that you had a hip injury. Sorry! I hope you get better soon and that the pain goes away.

This looks like an excellent healthy and delicious recipe!

Rose Belle said...

I love edemame especially in soup and noodles. It's one of those super-foods in my opinion.

eatingRD said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry hun! gosh, I hope you find out what is going on and get healed soon. You are in such good spirits about it all. That salad sure looks tasty, I haven't used edamame in a long time :)

stephchows said...

so sorry to hear you are stuck at home :( I hope they figure things out soon so you can get back to feeling like yourself!

Jamie said...

Bedrest! Oh, Chava, I am so sorry. I know how hard it will be for you to hang out around the house and not be on the go, but I really hope you are taking good care of yourself right now. I'll give you a call over the weekend. You have so many people who are thinking of you...xoxo

Happy Me said...

What a beautiful green color your salad is! This recipe is a must try!! I'm on a quest to find the most nutritious and tasty veggie dishes to add to my repetoire and this absolutely fits the bill!

I truly hope that you are feeling better soon and that whatever the doctor finds is minor and easily remedied!

Kerstin said...

Awww, I'm so sorry and hope you recover soon! Your salad is so gorgeous and refreshing.